12-16-18        Baking, Sunday Funday here, and TLC

12-15-18        Shopping, extra work, and wrapping party on Mcvicker

12-14-18        House work

12-13-18        Great series good for 0

12-12-18        Managed to win one game

12-11-18        Not a great dentist visit, but palmer was excellent

12-10-18        Late work night and some TV

12-9-18        Fay boy's, flo and santo's, then to soldier field!

12-8-18        Work most of the day then kind of a nightmare

12-7-18        Happy Birthday, Dylan!  Freddy v's then to the Venue for Halestorm, In this Moment, and New Year's Day

12-6-18        2 points on position week

12-4-18         1st place!!

12-3-18        Pincher's for lunch; RSW --> MDW

11-30-18         Happy Birthday, Nancy!!  MDW --> RSW

11-25-18        Happy Birthday, Tom!  Stuff around the house, TV, preparing for the blizzard

11-24-18        Time Out and Bohemian Rhapsody

11-23-18        Fat Boys for lunch then Blackout Friday was a success on all fronts

11-22-18        Happy Thanksgiving!  Stress-free and Backyard Joe's made for an awesome day

11-21-18        Rollercoaster for only 3; hung out at El Mar for the duration of the evening

11-20-18        Solid 4th then darts with Dan for a while

11-19-18        Chill night eventually

11-18-18        Pre Thanksgiving on Finley was great as always; Survivor Series was pretty good overall

11-17-18        House work, cooking then to Homestead

11-16-18        Fundraiser was a great time with some good prizes

11-15-18        Only snuck two points, but maybe the break is what we need to finish up

11-14-18        Happy Birthday, Amber! 

11-13-18        Homestead for some shuffleboard

11-11-18        Sunday Funday here with some extra fennel beef

11-10-18        Dinner Club was a great time and lots of food!!

11-8-18        Took 7...yay for teams

11-7-18        Took 5 and got some pot money

11-6-18        4th in trivia

11-5-18        TV night

11-4-18        Sunday funday on Buell

11-3-18        Dyers Eve, Blizzard of Ozz and Hand of Doom at the Wire...nice little place, great sonund and great songs

11-2-18        Bourbon for CSW event and Arra

11-1-18        5 points to stat the third

10-31-18        Happy Birthday, Andy and Kelci!  Jalisco for dinner the bowling

10-30-18        Nightmare

10-29-18        TV night

10-28-18        Happy Birthday, Patty and Dan!  It's Evolution baby

10-27-18        Different kind of nightmare for the big 60

10-23-18        Still came in 7th, but the breaded steak was a great sandwich

10-22-18        Little TV, little computer work, little house work

10-21-18        Closed up Michigan for the winter

10-20-18        Definitely better weather than last year and quite a fire

10-19-18        To Grand Junction after Schoops

10-18-18        5 pts with a rough 3rd game

10-17-18        5 pts with a good series

10-16-18        Some Impractical Jokers catching up

10-15-18        Nice chill night for once

10-14-18        Shopping in South Haven and Taste

10-13-18        Shopping all over and BBQ in Bangor was OK

10-12-18        Happy Birthday, Melanie!  To Grand Junction later after some TV time

10-11-18        7 points and a good series...turning things around

10-10-18        Happy Birthday, Jenna!  Dinner at Home Run Inn and Disturbed at the Vic Theater was awesome, short, sweet, and earlier home than expected

10-9-18        6th, but food was awesome

10-8-18        Shoeless Joe and a great Raw episode

10-7-18        Afternoon fun and Piccolo at the house

10-6-18        Super Show Down, afternoon party

10-5-18        Blackened at Bourbon was a lot of good surprises

10-4-18        Gotta start winning sometime

10-3-18        Good series but only 2 points

10-2-18        3rd in trivia on video games: great company, food, service, and parking

10-1-18        snow blower is ready

9-30-18        Menard, Walmart, then home

9-29-18        Very fun day in Michigan.  Nice fire until my body gave out

9-28-18        Nothing like spur of the moment late night shopping for puppy chow and guac

9-27-18        It's not sustainable to lose every game every week

9-26-18        3rd game was a fun one

9-25-18        We weren't in last!!

9-24-18        Steaks from Joe and Pat's were awesome...have to splurge once in a while

9-23-18        Thought I was going to watch golf and the Bears...

9-22-18        Happy Birthday, Care!  Kid Rock was great while we were there...TGIFridays after

9-21-18        Ozzy was awesome as expected

9-20-18        Can we win once in a while?

9-19-18        Happy Birthday, Amy!

9-18-18        Tuesday night off to get house work finished?

9-16-18        Fennville for breakfast and wine tasting, taste and home

9-15-18        Birthday  party in St John then out to Michigan

9-14-18        Happy Birthday, Megan!  Homestead for a bit

9-13-18        Won the first two games, then downhill.  Another good series though

9-12-18        Good series, but no points

9-11-18        7th...ugh

9-10-18        Finished Ozark!!

9-9-19        didn't leave the house.  Chilling, cleaning, TV

9-8-18        Happy Birthday, Jen and Grace!  Nice party on Kenton then Oktoberfest party was a lot of fun

9-7-18        Happy Birthday, Aunt Pam!!  Spent the night in the kitchen and 31 pictures to finish off the Pacific NW trip

9-6-18         3 good games for 3 points; 48 new pictures from the Redwoods

9-5-18        4 points and again inconsistent; 42 pictures from Mt Rainier and from Crater Lake

9-4-18        Another unsuccessful bingo night, but the wings were good, albeit forgotten about and very late; a few pictures from Seattle

9-3-18        Rough drive home and on to Buell for Sunday funday

9-2-18        Fozzy made it a half hour or so before the rain canceled the show; bar hopping and pregaming; dry Kohl Center for Metallica; good show except for song selection; Ho Chunk part 2

9-1-18        To Madison; bars, exploring, and Ho Chunk

8-31-18        mini massacre

8-30-18        No consistency again and no points...ugh

8-29-18        Meeting and Jalisco

8-28-18        Rough trivia night for us

8-27-18        Happy Birthday, Monica, Jenny, and Beth!  Computer investigating and workout; 42 new pictures from the rest of New York and a few from Michigan

8-26-18        Chill day then some Farkle partying; 39 new pictures from Niagara Falls

8-25-18        Chuck's for a few with Nikki then Demo Derby

8-24-18        Nightmare

8-23-18        Not a bad start to Thursday night, but consistency needs to improve

8-22-18        Judas Priest and Deep Purple was a good show and better price and seats

8-21-18        No success at Bingo except for slots

8-20-18        cleaning and tv night

8-19-18        Sunday funday and Summerslam

8-18-18        Cleaning and baking

8-17-18        Hi Infidelity in Bolingbrook after dinner at Bucho's

8-16-18        Successful meeting of adding $5 per week but reducing 3 weeks

8-15-18        Practice at el Mar was rough only because of the temperature and humidity

8-14-18        Not a great trivia showing...6th

8-13-18        The Whistle with Uncle Joe after picking up the new glasses

8-12-18        Nice day in Grand Junction before heading home

8-11-18        Got some work done around the place, but a lot of relaxing and fun

8-10-18        Arby's for dinner then to the health farm

8-9-18        Watched Impractical Joker's live!  Must be a first

8-7-18        90s Music trivia was close to a cash, but not enough confidence at the end to wager what we should have

8-6-18        Eye doctor and home after

8-5-18        16 Candles after soup in Portage, MI and getting home

8-4-18        Got the grass cut, then to the grillhouse in Allegan and Sweetwater in Plainwell

8-3-18        Got to Grand Junction a couple hours after Mother got off work

8-2-18        Got my Escape in Homewood

8-1-18        More Hawk Ford after work

7-31-18        3rd in trivia

7-30-18        Quick visit to Hawk Ford

7-29-18        PDX --> MDW

7-28-18        Mt Hood area after shipping the Admiral; dinner at ISK

7-27-18        Drive to PDX then happy hour fun

7-26-18        Success at the casino and dinner at Snug

7-24-18        Long hike in the redwoods and a long drive back to the condo; wine tasting on the way

7-23-18        Crater Lake was a bit hazy

7-22-18        Seattle to Lincoln City with a tough Mt Rainier hike in the middle

7-21-18        MDW --> SEA; Pike's Market; Taxi Dog; Space Needle (kind of); Elysian Brewhouse; White Sox/Mariner's game

7-20-18        Little Frank's

7-15-18        world Cup viewing; vacation planning; Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie

7-14-18        Running around in the morning; Nate's baseball game; massacre

7-13-18        Little Frank's

7-12-18        Running around, cooking and GOT

7-11-18        Workout, cleaning, GOT

7-10-18        Won some mac and cheese bites!!

7-9-18        Nice chill night

7-8-18        Traffic was a bit rough all over

7-7-18         Beautiful day out; nice boat ride on Osterhout; flippy cup and fire

7-6-18        Nice, easy ride to Grand Junction to everything all set up

7-4-18        Nice party at Care and Pat's; then finish up the nigh by Brian and Amy

7-3-18        No trivia--opted for a nightmare

7-2-18        Lowe's and GOT and a workout

7-1-18        Another hot day in Michigan; cleaned the closet, then home to workout, shower and chill

6-30-18        Hot day; cutting grass; to Bangor; World Cup; to Otsego and Plainwell for dinner, donuts, and Walmart

6-26-18        Bingo was fun as always...maybe I'll win something one of these time

6-25-18        Happy Anniversary, Lee and Phil!

6-24-18        Home from Michigan after a successful floor laying and door trimming

6-23-18        Beautiful day in Michigan for shopping, grass, and floor laying

6-22-18        Nice easy rive and got there before it was dark

6-20-18        Lunch at Duffs; BUF --> MDW

6-19-18        Glazed and Confused donuts were good; the Clark reservation State Park for a little walking/hiking; late night bowling was no better

6-18-18        Happy Birthday, Kyle; Dinosaur BBQ for lunch after shopping; bowling was not good; Waffle place after

6-17-18        Rock N Roll legends museum was meh;; checked out Niagara on the Lake; then to Pastabilities for dinner and then checked out the bowling alley

6-16-18        Happy Birthday, Macie!! MDW --> BUF; Niagara Fall State Park; Anchor Bar for lunch; Ontario for the evening light and fireworks

6-15-18        Dinner and b-day party on Buell

6-13-18    Successful practice at El Mar despite the heat and humidity

6-12-18        No luck at bingo, but fun times

6-10-18        Sunday Funday on Buell

6-9-18        Poison, Cheap Trick, and Pop Evil was nothin' but a good time

6-8-18        St. Fabian and Homestead made for a great, fun night

6-7-18        Caught Kyle's baseball game then GOT; 33 new pictures

6-6-18        El Mar practice then Impractical Jokers

6-5-18        Dentist was unexpectedly long then Palmer with Lee

6-4-18        Tech Support then GOT

6-3-18        Home fairly early after finishing up in Michigan

6-2-18        Lot of grass cutting, lunch at Curve Inn, Sherman's then more lawn cutting and weed wacking before the sun went down

6-1-18        To Grand Junction

5-31-18        Happy Birthday, Mark and Eddie!  Tailgating and met the Sandman in Crestwood; I think there was a baseball game too

5-30-18        Busy, but calm, unadventurous evening; 58 new pictures from NOLA

5-29-18        Bingo at Magoo's was a fun time...might make that a regular stop

5-28-18        Home from Effingham for the heat and make it a chill night at home

5-27-18        Hot and lazy until the storm came through and cooled it down a bit; fun night of more Catchphrase

5-26-18        Hot Saturday; grilling; eating; drinking; fun tequila night of Catchphrase

5-25-18        Happy Birthday, Brian and Edgar!  Caught the very end of Nate's game before the trek to Effingham; Culver's was awesome; the fun, late night of Suspense when we got there

5-24-18        Last minute bowling, running around and packing

5-23-18        Impractical Jokers after a little busy work

5-22-18        4th place in trivia

5-21-18        Quiet recovery night

5-20-18        MSY --> MDW after failing at the casino but enjoying the adventure there

5-19-18        Adventure with Dan at 6am to start the day

5-18-18        MDW --> MSY

5-17-18        Finished GOT Season 1

5-16-18        Happy Birthday, Britt!  Couple practice games; 29 new pictures from the Kentucky Derby

5-15-18        Most of bingo at Buck's Pit Stop was good fun; food was really good, service not so much; 34 new pictures from Michigan

5-14-18        GOT; 17 new pictures finally

5-13-18        Happy Mother' Day!! GOT; visited Jenny's family then finished off on Buell

5-12-18        Shopping and dinner at Tazza's in Homer Glen: food was really good; service mediocre, drinks good, manager bad

5-11-18        Homestead for a little bit

5-10-18        Happy Birthday, OX!  Got to catch Macie's game before heading home

5-9-18        Impractical Jokers catching up

5-8-18        4th and figuring out what to do next Tuesday...no Marvel trivia for sure

5-7-18        Ended up in 4th but won the 7-7-7 to make out with a lot more $$$ than the league was worth

5-6-18        Stopped at O'Charleys, Tippecanoe Battlefield, and Fair Oak on the way home just in time for Backlash

5-5-18        record breaking rain at Derby, but tons of fun and winning while we lasted; dinner at O'Charleys

5-4-18        Slugger museum, lunch on 4th street, hanging out in Bardstown before heading to Corydon to shop, eat, drink ,and watch hockey for an early night

5-3-18        Ended up 3rd for the year...can't wait for next year.

5-2-18        Agustano's is not as good as Grassano's...at least pizza puff/calzone

5-1-18        Star Wars trivia was awful, but Andy's was good

4-30-18        Lost all three games combine by 37 pins...ugh

4-29-18        Made it home from Michigan and caught up around the house

4-28-18        Fun day in Michigan: lot of food, fire, and good times

4-27-18        Driving to Michigan sucked in the rain

4-26-18        Couldn't finish the job...onto 3rd/4th next week

4-25-18        Nice Wednesday being home

4-23-18        Won the 3rd third

4-22-18        Nate's baseball game in Midlothian was a nail biter

4-21-18        Grand Junction, Taste, Candy hop, shopping with Mother

4-18-18        Got 2nd for the year, so that was as good of a success as it could be

4-17-18        Happy Birthday, Lee!!

4-16-18        Great series with a couple errant shots...only 5 points though, but enough to clinch the third

4-15-18        Sunday Funday by me

4-14-18        611 and 599 in Kankakee; shopping then Hair Band Night at Bourbon was a lot of fun

4-13-18        Quiet Friday night catching up on TV and laundry

4-12-18        Ouch again...

4-11-18        Ouch...at least we get to go for 2nd next week

4-10-18        4th in trivia

4-9-18            7 against the blind

4-8-18            Another rough set with just over 600 for team...home in time to get to Dan's for WRestlmania

4-7-18            Rough start but a rough day for singles and doubles; fun time at the bowling alley after and Taoc Bell

4-6-18            Made it to Fairview Heights; Latawata Cafe then the Knights hall for a great night

4-7-18            Only 2 points

4-4-18            Rough night overall except for apple

4-3-18            4th place in trivia

4-2-18            Good series and 7 points helps our playoff chances

4-1-18            Happy Easter!  Party on Melvina

3-31-18        Happy Birthday, Deano!  Recovery day and Miller's Ale house with Jimmy later

3-30-18        Last trip to Aunt Cathi and Uncle Don's; Buffalo Wild Wings; pre game at Dan's; Whistle and Homestead

3-25-18        Birthday party on Buell

3-24-18        Hi Infidelity at HOME was early but nice and fun

3-23-18        Happy Birthday, Andrew and Mother!  Vacation planning and massacre

3-19-18        Happy Birthday, Nate and Aunt Cathi!!

3-18-18        Birthday party on Buell

3-17-18        Baseball games and shopping

1-5-18            TV catch up night

1-4-18            7 points and a good series makes for a great night

1-3-18            No points...ugh

1-2-18            Tough trivia night

1-1-18            Happy New Year

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